Gotshal Rhoades | Wealth Management

Wealth Management

It is under our financial advisors’ responsibility and interest to help investors reach their financial objectives and business aspirations. Along the line, while gaining experience, we have served individuals, families, organizations and institutions by providing services and solutions specially created to build, preserve and manage wealth. We value our clients’ business principles and we are devoted to their goals similarly as they are.

Our commitment to meet our clients’ expectations is based on five principles:

  • Confidence in a business that has developed while facing various market cycles
  • Direct access to specialists having a high level of expertise and a large informational database
  • An exclusive audience comprising wealthy individuals, families and institutions
  • Objective solutions directed towards your individual requests, thus reinforcing the company’s position in the industry
  • Focus on high level of personal service depending on the limited number of clients per advisor


Private Wealth Management

Our distinguished competences and global resources are among the most advanced and complex ones. Our wealth management advisors engage in approaching our clients’ major financial considerations and perspectives.

They take responsibility over: investment strategy coordination, risk management within multiple portfolios, adjusting family governance structures and estate planning with expectations from future generations, ensuring access to investment and capital markets specialists. The first step in wealth management is understanding the fundamentals of every client’s financial and business background. Afterwards, we customize a wealth management action plan that takes into account the established set of goals and other influencing circumstances.

Private Wealth Management involves:


Extensive Capabilities

Our private wealth advisors exploit accurate analytical instruments and models in order to create tailored solutions, specific criteria and principles. Among extensive capabilities can be noted: