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Investment Services

Importance of Investing

Investing contributes to present and future long-term financial security. The returns generated from investments can ensure financial stability and well-being. Any wealthy individual is aware that the path towards success depends on putting capital to work. Keeping into account your risk tolerance and your well determined financial needs, an efficient investment plan offers you the possibility to gain expected financial results more operatively.


Investing with Gotshal Rhoades

  • Diversified Portfolio: Our broad investment portfolios allow you to choose from and invest according to your investment strategy and risk profile.
  • Strong Investment Expertise: Our investment experts continually manage our mutual funds / unit trusts to mitigate risk amid diverse market situations.
  • Demonstrated Financial Strength: With a wealth of experience since establishment and strong financial capacity and a proven track record of steady growth, we are committed to be your trusted investment partner.
  • Diversified Portfolio: The divergence of our investment portfolios allows you to select opportunities and alternatives according to your business preferences and individual financial background.
  • Solid Investment Expertise: Our investment experts are managing our mutual funds while handling risk mitigation under different market circumstances.
  • Well-proven Financial Strength: Having a great deal of experience, strong financial capacity and an evident track record of constant growth, we are determined to become a preferred and trusted investment partner.


The Benefits of Investing with Gotshal Rhoades

Some of the reasons to select Gotshal Rhoades:

  • Award-winning funds across an array of investing opportunities
  • Award-winning wealth management services
  • Investment opportunities within various sectors and asset classes
  • Well-deserved reputation

Mutual Funds / Unit Trusts

Gotshal Rhoades’ mutual funds and unit trusts create conditions to invest in professionally managed investment alternatives that involve merging the capital collected from investors and invest it in equities, bonds or money market instruments. These opportunities are designed to help investors who do not have time and appropriate knowledge to manage their own portfolios by allowing them to access cost efficient securities.

We offer a wide range of mutual funds and unit trusts involving different investment strategies and objectives. While ensuring diversity, we maximize the potential for selecting investment opportunities that match your individual investment needs and risk tolerance.

At Gotshal Rhoades, we offer access to three different umbrella funds comprising several different sub-funds that allow investors allocate small amounts in a more flexible way. We are also making sure our clients receive constant updates regarding any type of movement in the markets and in general regarding the evolution of the investment industry.