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Gotshal Rhoades Council for Sustainable Development

Our mission

Gotshal Rhoades Council for Sustainable Development has the mission to promote and support an investment discipline incorporating environmental, social and corporate governance principles designed to generate long-term performance while maintaining a positive impact on society.


Who we are

The board of Gotshal Rhoades Council for Sustainable Development is formed by members of the company and other highly experienced individuals whose interests and visions closely comply with the Council’s list of responsibilities and plan of action. The Council’s board is supported by Gotshal Rhoades experts having a diverse business and social culture within governance processes and who are devoted to sustain cases meant to deliver social and beneficial impact.


Organisations we support

At present, the Gotshal Rhoades Council for Sustainable Development offers support and assistance to a limited number of organizations which are providing sustainable solutions that create value for the economy, society and the environment. We regularly promote and monitor the improvement of services and products that reinforce social values and support sustainable development.

Information for beneficiaries

The Gotshal Rhoades Council for Sustainable Development follows a dynamic approach while establishing the range of beneficiaries. We are interested in supporting and funding organizations that are motivated to register great results while putting in practice new sustainable ideas and testing new methods. We appreciate collaboration regarding the setting up of funding objectives that are ultimately achieved via a well-organized approach.


Environmental innovation

We undertake organizational implementations and changes focused on the environment. We practice various forms of innovation activities having as a result significant improving of environmental protection. Our members invest in mixed funds, co-investments and opportunistic investments that control the potential of this fast-growing sector.

Environmental innovation is stimulated by increased public perception of climate change facts, increased global energy demand and demographic growth. The investment premise is also interconnected with officially recognized regulations.

We focus our investing programs on sectors like technology and other innovative areas that diminish general human impact on the environment. The main objective is to lower emissions of greenhouses gases and make use of valuable natural resources. Among sectors we target our activity are renewable energy generation, energy efficiency, resource efficiency, waste and water.



We optimize our clients’ returns by means of involvement within co-investments, more specifically by investing directly equally with private equity and private debt managers.

Co-investing allows us to enlarge our clients’ exposure to investment opportunities having high profit potential, reducing fee leakage, improving portfolio weight according to specific markets and sectors that are more likely to generate significant returns.

Using a relevant approach to organizing and analyzing our network of relationships, we are able to identify important co-investment sources from across the markets we work in.