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Why Gotshal Rhoades?

We offer a welcoming and professional work environment and appropriate opportunities meant to ensure your career growth. Our employees enjoy a range of benefits which are comprehensive and representative for our industry and the community we serve. Based on internal feedback, we are considered to be an employer of choice able to offer an excellent work environment. We have the ability to attract and retain the best employees due to a special business culture, leadership spirit and efficient management.


Your Career Development

In order to achieve great results, we work on constant development so that we create the difference through healthy competition. We are committed to reveal the best of what we can do and we promote a culture that supports career development. Our teams are aware of the importance of changings and improvement, and we work hand in hand in order to provide high level career management for our people.

We believe in efficient cooperation and we value receptiveness and ambition. Progressing in your career depends on emphasizing your individual motivations, aspirations and values. Depending on your unique learning style, we offer a range of solutions that will ensure your personal and professional development.


We offer an advantageous and motivational benefits package which corresponds to the best offerings in the industry.

An appropriate benefits package and rewarding program is essential in the process of establishing and maintaining a preferred place to work with Gotshal Rhoades. Our rewards package that comprises programs for time off, health, well-being and financial security, is designed to offer our employees stability and peace of mind.

Most of the benefits are available to employees starting with the first day of employment. We offer competitive remuneration and commissions that are corresponding to the preferences and behaviors of participants in the market structure. We also offer a comprehensive retirement program.


Financial Security

Gotshal Rhoades Retirement Plan

The company's Retirement Plan is designed to help you ensure stability during retirement. The plan includes:


Additional Benefits

Annual Incentives

The company’s employees, both full time and part time, have the rights to receive an annual incentive based on individual performance and not only collective contribution to the company’s growth.

Life Insurance

Basic Life Insurance

Gotshal Rhoades provides basic life insurance for qualified employees. We are also paying premiums for this coverage.

Relocation Benefits

Employees who relocate according to the company's request are eligible to receive relocation benefits.

Work and Everyday Life Balance

Paid Time Off and Holidays

According to this benefit, employees have the right to take off for a specific period of time and still receive remuneration. Generally, this benefit relates to absences associated with vacation, illness and other personal circumstances. Our employees benefit from paid holidays.