Gotshal Rhoades | Area of Expertise

Our strategies

We offer the possibility to select among various asset classes and low volatility strategies which, all together, are the basis of our capabilities.


Based on our equity strategies, we invest in fast growing companies and take advantage from industry diversification. We recommend and implement a strong range of quantitative, passive and active equity strategies which compose a major part of the total assets under management.

Small Cap

Investing in small cap involves generating double-digit returns over the long term through a combination of top-down and a bottom-up approach. The benefit of investing in small cap is the chance to outperform institutional investors through growth opportunities.

Hybrid Selection

This strategy aims to outperform industry benchmarks paying attention to the difference between the price behavior of a certain position compared to the price behavior of a benchmark. The strategy implies a strong top-down approach while considering investment aspects supported by bottom-up research.

Market Oriented

The purpose is to outperform industry benchmarks by investing in equities of all market caps, merging essential bottom-up research concepts with top-down quantitative analysis.


This strategy aims to track the benchmark return with maximum precision by minimizing the tracking error. We offer individualized strategies, different from all major indices, by applying full replication or optimization methods in order to identify the trading alpha.


This strategy is used to generate high total returns by investing in companies operating in the infrastructure and consumer consumption sectors. In times and phases of low profitability in the markets, an efficient way to spot attractive investment opportunities is by analyzing the fair value with the help of a top-down approach combined with a bottom-up research analysis.

Asian equities

Our Asian equity strategies support diversification and create conditions to depict long term capital growth opportunities.

Equity High Income

The purpose is to generate returns that are better adjusted to the risk factor compared to traditional investment approaches. We do that by the help of our proprietary model which approaches low volatility characteristics, attractive dividend yield and high-quality fundamentals. Based on this strategy, we provide stable alpha along with smart beta returns.

Emerging markets equities

Investing in emerging markets offers the possibility to benefit from a strong long-term growth potential. Investors can choose between passive indexes exposed in the emerging markets and actively managed funds. This strategy ensures a stronger balance between risk and returns factors.

Emerging markets Small Cap Equity

The aim of this strategy is to generate total returns by investing in emerging markets small and mid-cap companies having a higher capital appreciation potential while efficiently managing portfolio volatility. We can manage a well-balanced portfolio from the risk-return perspective through a quantitative investment process that controls the low volatility aspect and makes use of proprietary forecasting models. Here, we also provide stable alpha along with smart beta returns.

Asia Achiever Index

This strategy aims to outperform industry benchmarks while minimizing active industry and style risk. Based on this strategy, investing in Asian companies of all market caps the strategy involves a quantitative investment process and a bottom-up qualitative approach. This creates the right conditions to identify and monitor the lower levels of efficiency within the equity market and generate alpha by determining relative prices.

Asian Bond Absolute

Based on this strategy, we provide customized absolute return bond solutions to our clients through merging capital appreciation and income generation. We are focused on individualized absolute return products including Asian fixed income.

Asian Bond Futures Forward

The purpose of this strategy is to generate absolute returns on the long term by investing in bond futures by means of long/short investment plan of action and a proprietary bond-yield directional model.

Asian Bond

This strategy aims to generate stable absolute returns on the long term through investing in bond futures of developing countries and it comprises a long/short investment plan of action as well as a quantitative investment process.

Dynamic hedging

Conforming to dynamic hedging strategies, we seek for the benefits of the rising markets while protecting our clients from less favorable market movements. We implement downside protection strategies in the case of major asset classes including equities, fixed income and currencies. We strive to capture high profit potential of all major asset classes during times of high volatility in order to ensure better returns. This strategy is specifically constructed to comply with clients’ risk tolerance and return expectations.