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About Us


Get access to financial solutions from a professional asset management company

Gotshal Rhoades provides a large array of investment services and products to institutional and individual clients. Our industry experience and our business philosophy help us ensure high quality management of investments and establish long lasting relationships.

We handle comprehensive portfolio management by offering a range of individualized solutions, including management of low/high volatility portfolios, use of dynamic hedging strategies and other alternatives constructed based on risk, profit and benchmark factors. Besides, we develop a series of active, quant and index equity strategies, fixed income investments and other solutions that support diversification. Among our clients there are private investors, public and private sector funds, financial institutions and large institutional investors.


Discover integrity and proficiency in investment and wealth management

As an investment management company, we interconnect our business philosophy and expertise within portfolio management with professional dedication while assisting individual investors and institutions. We follow high standards of doing business as we maintain efficient methodologies that have created history yet contributing to industry development.

Our values

We manage a customer-centered business where the main focus is to establish strong and long-lasting relationships.

We value cooperation among our investment professionals that are being motivated to reach the best results.

Our receptiveness, solidarity and devotion are key factors helping to achieve great achievements for both our clients and for our representatives.

We focus on diversification when providing our services and when exploring new levels, thus enriching our business culture. The work of highly devoted and passionate experts reinforces our business and enables us to reach new levels.

As our reputation depends on our clients’ success, we have developed a culture of dedication by placing our clients’ interests at the center of our business model. We make all the efforts to be a preferred investments manager and we are grateful to cooperate with reputable institutional clients throughout Asia and beyond.


Being established as an independent wealth management firm

Due to efficient management and experienced professionals, our company has developed along the line and became a renowned independent wealth management company. We provide services to individuals and families, corporations, retirement plans, foundations and endowments.


The philosophy of our investment group

Our essential investment philosophies:


How do we create the difference?

At Gotshal Rhoades, we want to help you experience financial well-being. Our mission is to identify your individual financial needs and to build up a set of strategies specially designed to meet your expectations. In order to learn more about our team and the services we offer, please contact us.


Meet the Gotshal Rhoades team

The Gotshal Rhoades family is represented by experienced and dedicated individuals who work together with the clients in order to achieve a major common goal - ensuring financial stability and growth. An essential factor is the establishment of a close and genuine relationship with our clients. Together, we analyze the range of objectives and preferences along with other particular circumstances so that we build a tailored plan which will subsequently bring the expected results. If you would like to find out more about our experts and their accomplishments, please get in touch with us via the contact details on